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Museum Prinsenhof Delft ‘William the Silent is here!’

Museum Prinsenhof Delft | 19 October 2018 t/m 19 October 2018 | past

Promo: ‘William the Silent is here!’

In the exhibition ‘William the Silent is here!’ you discover the life of an important politician and family man, William the Silent. Discover his personal life in Museum Prinsenhof Delft and find out how it tragically ended.

Meet one of the most important people in the history of the Netherlands, William the Silent. Here you discover the beginning of The Netherlands.

William the Silent

In the exhibition ‘William the Silent is here!’ you will learn about the life of William the Silent. Discover who William was as a politician and see how he led an uprising from the Prinsenhof. Find out what role he played in the 80 Years’ War. William the Silent was not only a statesman and politician but also a family man. He participated in family life and in this exhibition you will also learn more about his marriage and his children.

The exhibition ‘William the Silent is here’

During a visit, you walk through different rooms, all with their own theme. One room contains family stories and family portraits, and the other room contains William’s famous Apology. When the Spanish king Philip II put a price on the head of William and accused him of disloyalty, he wrote the Apology as a defense. As a visitor, you are confronted with various statements related to William the Silent. You can respond to these statements. What are your thoughts on statements such as ‘Children must compulsorily learn to sing the Dutch national song Wilhelmus at school’? Do not forget to stop at the famous holes in the wall. This is the crime scene, where William the Silent was murdered by Balthasar Gérard.

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Promo: ‘William the Silent is here!’

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