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Garden Paintings & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

Museum Singer Laren | 05 June 2018 t/m 05 June 2018 | past

Promo: Painted Gardens & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

Discover the two new exhibitions in Singer Laren, where gardens are the point of focus. The sculpture garden was designed by Piet Oudolf.

The gardens of Museum Singer Laren

This summer, Singer Laren presents gardens in two different ways. Outside, you can walk around the exhibition Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018. This is a sculpture garden designed by the internationally renowned garden architect Piet Oudolf. He previously designed the Gardens of Remembrance, which commemorate the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center. Oudolf designed the garden in Singer Laren so that it will look different every season. The large variety of flowers and grass ensures that every visit to the gardens is unique. In a hall that has a view over the garden, one can find more work by Piet Oudolf and the original design drawings of the sculpture garden.


Gardens can also be admired in Singer Laren. In the exhibition Painted Gardens, dozens of garden paintings can be visited. Work from both domestic and foreign painters are hanging on the walls. From 1880 to 1940, the garden paintings suddenly became a lot more popular. The collection includes works by Claude Monet, Emil Nolde and Charley Toorop. In addition, the work of William Singer can be seen in one of the halls. Singer was an American art collector and founder of Singer Laren. He painted gardens as well.

In the promo, museum director Jan Rudolph de Lorm introduces the various exhibitions that can be seen in Singer Laren this summer.

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Promo: Painted Gardens & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

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