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Meet Van Gogh

Van Gogh Museum | 18 December 2018 t/m 18 December 2018 | past

Promo: Meet Van Gogh – 4K

Want to know what Vincent van Gogh thought of his own works? In this promo video you get a preview.

From North-Brabant to France

Vincent Van Gogh grew up in the province of North-Brabant but moved to France in 1885. While he lived in North-Brabant, most of the works he made were quite dark. In Paris, his works became more colorful and he developed this own way of painting; with short brush strokes. The city of Paris was too busy for Vincent, so after a few years he moved to Arles in southern France.

Learn more about this Dutch painter and the way his mind worked. The mini-docu will take you to an empty Van Gogh Museum, and it almost feels like you’re really standing in front of the paintings. The excerpts from Vincent’s letters that are quoted in the video, make sure you will get to know more about Van Gogh. Watch the video and find out how France inspired him, and how Vincent created his works!

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Promo: Meet Van Gogh – 4K

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