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Iran – Cradle of Civilisation – Drents Museum

Drents Museum | 17 June 2018 t/m 17 June 2018 | past

Promo: Iran – Cradle of Civilisation

The Drents Museum now has an exhibition that is completely dedicated to Iran. The collection shows you around more than 12,000 years of Iranian history.

Iran in Assen

The capital of Drenthe will be changed to Iran for a short period of time until November 18th. In collaboration with the National Museum of Iran, the Drents Museum presents Iran – Cradle of Civilisation. This exhibition shows the long history of Iran using more than 200 objects. Iran was one of the places that developed agriculture more than 12,000 years ago. Later on, the various tribes unite to form the Persian empire, which waged war with the Greeks for years. After the decline of this empire, brought about by the Macedonian Alexander the Great, various parties came to power. For example, around the year zero, the Parthians were a power to be reckoned with. It was a very powerful empire that hindered the Romans to expand further to the East.

With Iran – Cradle of Civilisation, this rich past of Iran is completely explored by means of a large collection of objects. For example, many objects can be found that have been found during excavations of cities such as Persepolis and Pasargadae. Gold jewelry, cups, reliefs, clay tablets with cuneiform script and many more, can be found in this exhibition. The collection thus shows the wealth of the different kingdoms of Iran.

The history of Iran would not be complete without going into the most recent period of Iran; the Islamic period. One can also listen to interviews and view modern Iranians living in the Netherlands. They tell about their country of birth and the bond they have with it.

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Promo: Iran – Cradle of Civilisation

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