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Garden Paintings & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

Museum Singer Laren | 05 June 2018 t/m 05 June 2018 | past

Mini-docu: Painted Gardens & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

This summer, ‘Painted Gardens’ and ‘Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018’ open in Singer Laren. In the mini documentary, artist Eddy Zoëy speaks with Piet Oudolf about the design of the sculpture garden by Singer Laren.

The garden of Piet Oudolf

Garden architect Piet Oudolf finds out he has green fingers at the age of 25. He then works in a garden center where he slowly develops a love for plants. Oudolf and his colleagues are being noticed because of the unique plants and flowers they use. Slowly, they become well-known and Oudolf gets more assignments. He designs a garden in Manhattan for the victims of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, the Gardens of Remembrance. He has won several prizes for his work. Now, in 2018, he designed the sculpture garden for Singer Laren.

The garden is representative of that which makes nature and plants so attractive to Oudolf; the wild thing about it. Oudolf uses more than a hundred varieties of flowers, which gives the garden a wild look. He brings structure to the garden by dividing the flower beds with simple lines. Because he uses so many flowers, the appearance of the garden changes by season. This also refers to the wild of nature. Oudolf was awarded the Singer Prize 2018 for this garden, an oeuvre prize awarded every two years. The exhibition is therefore also referred to Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018.

Singer Laren and gardens

The redecoration of this sculpture garden coincides with the exhibition Painted Gardens, which can be seen in Singer Laren until the end of August. The period from 1880 to 1940 is highlighted. At that time, it was popular for many artists to paint the garden. For example, paintings by Claude Monet and Carel Willink can be seen. A special room is designed for the work of William Singer, the founder of Singer Laren.

In the mini documentary, Piet Oudolf speaks to artist and presenter Eddy Zoëy. Oudolf tells more about his past and the design process behind the sculpture garden.









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Mini-docu: Painted Gardens & Piet Oudolf Singer Prize 2018

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