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Museum Prinsenhof Delft ‘William the Silent is here!’

Museum Prinsenhof Delft | 19 October 2018 t/m 19 October 2018 | past

Mini-docu: ‘William the Silent is here!’

During the exhibition ‘William the Silent is here!’ you meet William the Silent as a politician and family man. You dive into the life of one of the most important politicians in the history of The Netherlands. Learn about his life and his tragic death in Museum Prinsenhof Delft.

Bring a visit to Museum Prinsenhof Delft and enjoy the exhibition ‘William the Silent is here’. This year, it is exactly 450 years ago that the 80 Years’ War started. This is the reason why Museum Prinsenhof Delft organized this exhibition. At the exhibition, you can walk through different spaces. Each room tells its own part of the story about the life of William the Silent.

Different rooms

The most important room is actually the whole building itself. Built in 1400 as a monastery for sisters of wealthy houses. This was given to William in response to the Revolt in 1566, but the sisters were allowed to live there until their death. Walk further and you will enter a room full of texts. This room was probably the room where William the Silent wrote his apology. He wrote this as a defense against the price that Philip II had put on his head. The apology became a bestseller and has been translated into different languages.

William the Silent as family man

Walk further and enter a room with different family portraits. Here you can find important family members such as his third wife ‘Charlotte de Bourbon’ and his daughter ‘Louise Juliana’. They both lived with him at the court and Louise Juliana even was born here. Unfortunately, Charlotte de Bourbon died six years after the birth of Louise Juliana. She died as a victim of a failed attack on her husband William the Silent. William himself died two years later.

The office

At the top of the stairs, you will find the office of William the Silent. Here you find a couple of questions like: What is the meaning of William the Silent? Why is he called the Father of the Fatherland? Is this justified? You can respond to these questions yourself and if you continue to the last room you can respond to a number of statements about William the Silent. Give your opinion and think about William the Silent and his importance for the Netherlands today.

The bullet holes

Don’t forget to stop at one of the most popular parts of the museum ‘The bullet holes’. This is where William the Silent was shot by Balthasar Gérard. Balthasar had registered under false pretenses. He pretended to be a Protestant that wanted to help William the Silent. However, we now know that he wanted to kill William the Silent.

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Mini-docu: ‘William the Silent is here!’

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