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Last Impressionists & En plein air at Museum Singer Laren

Museum Singer Laren | 04 September 2018 t/m 04 September 2018 | past

Mini-docu: Last Impressionists & En plein air

You will be blown away in Singer Laren this fall. Join Jort Kelder to enter the world of Impressionism and discover everything about this beautiful art movement.

In Museum Singer Laren you will find both exhibitions this fall: Last Impressionists & En plein air. Take a look at the beautiful paintings in these exhibitions with Jort Kelder. Go back in time, and find out how the movement arose. Discover how people used to look at these romantic paintings of the last Impressionists.

Exhibition En plein air.

En plein air offers an excellent introduction to the second exhibition: Last Impressionists. Admire the beautiful paintings in this first exhibition by Claude Monet and other artists. Here, you will discover what characterized the movement: catching the moment, the light and the weather. Monet was the first painter to do this and he started this well-known movement. He was a great source of inspiration for the later generations of Impressionists.

Exhibition Last Impressionists.

In the exhibition Last Impressionists, you will discover the masterpieces of painters like Henri Le Sidaner, Emile Claus, Gaston La Touche, Henri Martin, and Frits Thaulow. These artists wanted to continue the tradition of Impressionism that was started by Monet and they united in the Société Nouvelles de Peintures et Sculpteurs. These artists represented reality in a romantic way. They showed the beauty of human beings, nature, and the world. Go back in time and experience historic Paris and London through these paintings. Curious? Drop by and dream away while looking at both exhibitions in Museum Singer Laren. And make sure to watch out the mini-documentary with Jort Kelder.

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Mini-docu: Last Impressionists & En plein air

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