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Iran – Cradle of Civilisation – Drents Museum

Drents Museum | 17 June 2018 t/m 17 June 2018 | past

Mini-docu: Iran – Cradle of Civilisation

In the exhibition Iran – Cradle of Civilisation, the Drents Museum presents more than 12,000 years of history. More than two hundred objects will tell the story of this beautiful country.

Iran – an extensive history

Iran was part of the Fertile Crescent more than 12,000 years ago; an area in the Middle East where people first switched to agriculture and animal husbandry. It is the beginning of a long history of kingdoms and civilizations. One of the largest and most powerful civilizations that settled in Iran, was the Persian Empire. It is for good reason that Persia is the alternative name for Iran. The Persians were formidable opponents of the Greek city-states. In the Persian wars, the Greeks had great difficulty keeping the Persians outside the border.

Five centuries later, the Parthians, the new dominant power in Iran, posed a great threat to the Roman empire. The eastern border of the Roman Empire therefore never passed Iran. In the Middle Ages, Iran islamized. In that period, the culture could develop indefinitely. For a long time, it managed to keep outside influences away. Iran has never become an Arab country and the western world has had little influence over Iran. In 1979, the Iranian revolution took place, after which the country became an Islamic republic.

The exhibition Iran – Cradle of Civilisation presents the entire history of Iran. The history of the country is told with more than two hundred objects. In the mini documentary, curator Vincent van Vilsteren introduces you to the large collection. Some special objects are highlighted and discussed further. Many of these objects can be seen for the first time in the Netherlands and even outside Iran for the first time. The cooperation with the National Museum of Iran is very important for this.

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Mini-docu: Iran – Cradle of Civilisation

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